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     Greetings and welcome to Forged Legion,fellow warforgeds!
     A home for warforgeds,a training ground for battlefists,a forge of Juggernauts,a family of ones made of steel and wood,That is Forged Legion!
    Roleplaying as brothers,as comrades....
    Raiding as a warforged army...
    Hunting down favor...
    Looting chests of giants and demons,from one loot to another... 
    One may expect any kind of game play from us,that is,they are sure to be the highest quality!
     Formed a few months ago,Forged Legion has 90 members at the moment and is growing each passing day, with recruits of new players,battle-hardened veterans and every other variations of warforgeds!
     To join,fellow warforgeds,merely contacting a member of Forged Legion is enough,as you will be directed to an officer when one is avaliable.
     We look forward to see you,in battlegrounds,Comrades!
    Important Note: Every member,be it a new recruit,or one that was in the Legion from day one, is to READ RULES section in our forums once a week,to prevent any misunderstanding,to prevent any problems and to keep a good community!


Blades' Chosen Program Successful!

Samuray901431, Dec 28, 08 10:46 AM.
    Comrades,The following comrades have successfully finished the Training program and will serve the Legion as officers from now on!
    Offficer Voxlion
    Officer Thraxzus
    Officer Organo
    Officer Frankenstien

Blades' Chosen Program!

Samuray901431, Nov 16, 08 12:30 PM.
    The following comrades have been chosen for our Third Blades' Chosen Project,I wish them best of luck in their training to be the future officers of the Legion!
    Comrade Voxlion
    Comrade Organo
    Comrade Thraxzus
    Comrade Frankenstien

New topics added!

Samuray901431, Oct 19, 08 1:15 PM.
    Check our forums for the topics you have not read yet,Comrades!
    You might be interested in our events section,where our interesting projects await you,or perhaps you are interested in looting?Then I suggest thee to check our Party Organization Topic! If an officer you are,then the Officer topics are the place you should go!

Blades' Chosen Program...Success!

Samuray901431, Sep 29, 08 4:10 AM.
    Comrades!The following comrades have succesfully completed the training program and now they are to serve as Officers in Legion!
    Officer Mileswill
    Officer Shakker
    Officer Bluehellion
    Officer Thadeis

Blades Chosen Program

Primma, Sep 9, 08 10:44 AM.
Congrats to our new Blades Chosen Candidates. They are : Brothers Shakker, Mileswill, Thadeis, Bluehellion, Grimloch. We look forward to watching you become leaders for "The Legion".
                                                                             Officer Blueeyyeed

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